Stump Grinding Services

Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal

One of the biggest aspects of a tree removal job is stump removal
before stump grinding
after stump grinding

When safe removal of your tree or trees is completed, we can provide you with our stump grinding service. Removing the tree from your residential or commercial property is typically only part of the overall tree removal project. Stump grinding is the act of removing a stump by mechanically grinding and chipping up the remnants.

Stump grinding is the common term that tree care service professionals use when referencing removing a stump. It is also called stump removal. Our full service tree removal company is fully equipped to remove the stump.

We have stump grinders of multiple sizes which allow us to perform this service in most locations and on any size of stump. 

These machines grind the stump down   6” – 12” inches below grade, and are able to grind visible surface roots as well. Normally the wood chips are back filled into the hole. The tree chips created by your tree stump removal are a good source of mulch that can be used around other parts of your yard or property.

If you need tree stump grinding or tree stump removal, talk to one of our Acorn Certified Arborists for a quote to see if this service is right for you. We have stump grinding experts on our staff will arrange to have our technician inspect your property and will give you free stump grinding competitive quote.