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Planting of Trees and Shrubs

Planting new trees and shrubs is an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living space. When choosing a tree to match your unique landscape it’s always important to pick the right species and to plant it in the right place. To make sure you get the right tree you can meet with one of our certified arborist who can recommend the best tree/shrub for your specific landscape. Planting a tree or shrub that is not suitable for the area, and to see it struggle or die within a few years, is always disappointing. We work with many nurseries. We inspect, deliver and plant only the highest quality plant material for your landscape.

When planting a tree on your property, there are a few considerations such as the grow spaces needs to be greater than three feet wide at a minimum. If you are planning to grow an oak tree, it will require more soil preparation than with other trees, especially if you live in suburban area. When planting a tree in northern California you should make special note of the sun exposure for your planned area. Choosing a the correct tree for your location should be carefully considered decision. Tree planting can be a significant investment in money and time and it is best if you get assistance from a certified arborist. If you want to conserve nature and prevent plant or tree extinctions, look for native tree species. Trees offer benefits to your home, neighborhood and city. Using a professional tree service for your planting is a great way to go green, add a pleasing aesthetic value to your home and add shade to keep your home cool. By adding trees in the right areas around your home can help control temperature, add privacy and provide delicious fruit for years to come. At Acorn Arboricultural Services, Inc., we offer tree planting service that involves site and species consultation, pick-up and delivery of your chosen tree, and of course, the professional planting of your tree. Tree planting costs are associated with the wholesale price of the tree, its size, pick-up and delivery of the tree, and where the tree is to be planted on your property.


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